1914 WWI

  • Pages from the North Toronto C.I. Yearbook "The Howler"

    Soldiers from Schools

    Students, former students, staff and community members from Toronto schools enlisted for service in the “Great War”. The Toronto Board of Education Minutes, administrative yearbooks and school yearbooks record the many people who served; administrative staff, principals, teachers, caretakers – all levels of workers and the community at large showed tremendous support for the war. Harry Erland Lee, a teacher at Annette Public School, was the first teacher of the Toronto Board of Education to die in action, falling at Corcellette, France in 1916. Another example of dedication to the cause was Principal F.H. Wood. A member of the Queen’s Own Rifles from 1899 to 1907, Wood re-enlisted when WWI began and served faithfully until the war’s end. He returned a local hero.

    North Toronto Collegiate Institute

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