1892 First Women Elected to Toronto Board of Education

  • Graduation photograph of Augusta Stowe-Gullen

    Women in Politics

    The 1892 Toronto municipal election saw, for the first time, a female candidate for the Toronto Board of Education trustee running in every ward. From those candidates, three were elected to the Board; becoming the first women elected to municipal office in Toronto. These pioneers were Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen for Ward 4, Mrs. Mary McDonell for Ward 6, and Mrs. Jane Anne Harrison for Ward 2. One of the successful candidates in the municipal election of 1892, Dr. Stowe-Gullen, was the daughter of the pioneering Canadian doctor, Emily Stowe-Jennings. She had, previous to this election, already earned a reputation as a formidable suffragist. Regardless of the triumph of pan-female candidacy, the newspaper descriptions of the day displayed sexism and gender stereotyping.

    Herbert Simpson

    Black and white photograph


    Black and white profile photograph of a woman in graduation clothing with cape and hat