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Discipline Book from Givens School Discipline Book from Givens School
April 11 1890 to May 15, 1918
School strap The Strap
c. 1918
Clarice McNaughton Clarice McNaughton Recalls School Discipline
Recorded in 1993
Diary Diary of W.C. Wilkinson, Truant Officer
May 13 - October 20, 1923
W.C. Wilkinson W.C. Wilkinson, Toronto Public School Board Truant Officer
c. 1872
Student Punishment Record of Corporal Punishment
Ending in 1955
Daily Register Daily Attendance Register for School No. 18 in Township of West York
Page from Corporal Punishment Book Corporal Punishment Book, detail of a page
Len Chellew Interview Len Chellew Recalls Getting the Strap
Recorded in 1993
Oral History Project, Arthur Bussey Arthur Bussey Talking About Marching In and Out of School
Recorded in 1993
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